The Music and Memories of March 12

The Headlines

1975-  The tumultuous marriage of George and Tammy finally ends.  After several public conflicts and publicized domestic disputes, mostly stemming from George's alcohol abuse, the "First Lady and President of Country Music" call it quits.  The divorce of George Jones and Tammy Wynette is finalized on this date. Tammy Wynette takes custody of their only child and keeps their home on Franklin Road in Nashville.  In 1995, George and Tammy reconcile as friends for a reunion tour and album titled 'One.'

The #1 Billboard Hits

1994- Tryin' To Get Over You- Vince Gill

1988- Too Gone Too Long- Randy Travis

1983- The Rose- Conway Twitty

1977- She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory- Charley Pride


Lew DeWitt, 1938.   Lew is the original tenor of the Statler Brothers, writing their first hit "Flowers On The Wall."  After suffering from Crohn's disease, Lew retires from group in 1983 by his hand-picked replacement, Jimmy Fortune.  Lew dies in 1990 at the age of 52.