If You're A Marine, ex marine or know one, you need to hear this.  I played it 3 times in a row in my car.  You might beat that record once you take a listen.  Get ready to crack up (I don't mean your car, I mean YOU)  BTW - ADULT LANGUAGE.

Toby Keith has always been a personal favorite. (I guess I'm not alone.  Someone's buying his music besides me -he's one of the wealthiest country artists out there).

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He has his serious ballads, for sure.  But I'm especially a fan of his novelty songs, like "Red Solo Cup", "Who's Your Daddy?", and "I Wanna Talk About Me".  They're all cleverly written, downright catchy, feel good pieces.

What I'm going to introduce to you now is no exception.  I found it while skimming through his new album, "Drinks After Work".  It's a little ditty in the spirit of those old trucker songs with the interspersed dialog.  It's an homage to the "tough as nails, always dependable, super protective" US Marines that we all know and love.  You just never know when one is going to come in handy in every day situations, and I guess that's the gist of this tune.  Take a listen (but put the kids in the other room).

Well, there you have it. Don't you want to hear it again?  Lord knows that these fighting men and women could use a good laugh if they haven't heard this already, so feel free to spread this around.  And seriously,  we thank you for your service.  "Call A Marine" and play it over the phone!