Admittedly it’s shaping up to be a strange week with natural occurrences - we don’t often get earthquakes here and although it was a mild one thankfully, it’s still a bit rattling for an area that isn’t accustomed to such events. So now we’re possibly getting a hurricane, another thing we really don’t see here very often at all. We’d like you to be prepared so here are some tips.

  • For starters make sure you have a battery powered radio with extra batteries. Radio is always there to keep you informed and we’ll do our best to make sure you have the most current information.
  • If you don’t have a portable radio then you should consider downloading our free app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android. It’s called radioPup and you’ll be able to listen to our station via the app if the power goes out.
  • On the note of your phone - make sure you keep it charged as the bad weather moves in so you have a full charge if the power goes out. Charge your laptop too - it could help at the very least to keep you entertained and if you can tether it to your phone for internet, you’ll be able to check the radar too.
  • Make sure your first aid kit is stocked up - don’t want to have to go out into the storm to buy band-aids!
  • If things are flying around outside, stay way from your windows and close your curtains / blinds so if the window breaks you are safer from flying glass.
  • Stock up on things you’ll need - paper towels, diapers, food and snacks that don’t require cooking, blankets, and even board games. Stock up on water - it’s easy to forget to have enough water! Keep some extra water aside for the toilet too if you have a well.
  • You should turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting and keep the door closed so that if power goes out your food doesn’t spoil.
  • Fill your car with gas before the storm - if the power is out and you need to go someplace you’ll want to not worry about being out of gas.
  • Park your car away from trees if you can - and also check your hard for any items that could turn into a flying instrument of destruction.
  • Have some cash on hand too - ATM’s run off electricity and if the power is out, you have no cash and likely can’t use your card either.

By no means is this list comprehensive but it’s a good start and we hope that the storm misses us but if not at least you’re prepared! If you have any other suggestions to share feel free to leave them below!

Here's more from the National Hurricane Center