Conventional wisdom says that you should seek out people who "think" the same as you. That's crazy talk.  Life is 10 times more fascinating when you meet a guy like successful author, speaker and comedian Jesse Saperstein.

photo from Jesse Saperstein's Google +

Did you notice that I put the word THINK in quotes?  There's a reason.  Jesse technically has a form of autism called "Asperger's Syndrome", so I guess you could say that he "thinks differently" than "normal".  I'm using a hell of a lot of quotes here, because- what constitutes "different"?  More importantly, who gets to determine what NORMAL is? And finally, who has the right to belittle someone who doesn't follow the rest? 

Jesse has made it his life's work to raise awareness of Aspergers and the hideous bullying that he and others have had to endure because of it.  His approach is though humor via  speeches, educational workshops with kids and with his publications.  Here's one of them:

Love the title, don't you? I'm privileged to have an autographed copy, as a matter of fact.   His newest work will be released on August 5th.  It will be called "Getting a Life with Asperger's: Lessons Learned on the Bumpy Road to Adulthood"

Jesse also likes to promote other causes, such as giving blood.  Here's an example from YouTube. He wanted to show how easy and painless it can be, and to do that he demonstrated how he could donate at the New York Blood Center while speaking against bullying at the same time.  (Talk about a man on a multiple mission!)  Check this out.

Who would think that you could put two completely random ideas together like this - giving blood and ending bullying- and have it work?  I don't know about you, but I think it's extremely creative.  It's thinking way outside the box.  I find that fascinating actually.  If that's what living with Asperger's is about, I think we could all learn something from it!  It would open your mind, right?  Right!  SO STOP BEING SO CLOSE MINDED ABOUT PEOPLE WHO "THINK" DIFFERENTLY"!!!  (Wow, Jesse - you're rubbing off on me!)

I can't wait to have him on with us someday soon so you can hear him for yourself.  We're working on it!