I stumbled upon this photo while doing "hard drive" fall cleanup.  This one I won't delete.

This photo was taken backstage at the CMA awards 14 years ago.  (I wish I could reach in and straighten my damn tie).

But we had just received our CMA Award for best medium market morning show. How exciting was that?  We were flown to Nashville and before we knew it, we were on national TV in an event taped before the awards show itself.

We then watched the show with everyone else and were invited backstage.  Look who we ran into!

What's most amazing about this shot is that two out of three of us look exactly the same.  Can you pick them out?

Sean Richie Faith Hill CMA's

What a great memory that was!

Hey - would you like to make a memory?  You could win tickets to the show yourselves. Here's the information.