Basically, these three employees abused state issued credit cards that "we" the taxpayers have to pay the bill on paycheck after paycheck. This story makes me mad as hell. Here's who they are and what they allegedly did on our dime.

According to News 10 ABC:

Arrested were: 42-year-old Marrion Arrington, of Albany, a secretary for the State Department of Health's Division of Epidemiology since 1993; 55-year-old Barbara Tyson, of Schenectady, a former secretary for the State Department of Health's Bureau of Pharmacy Policy and Operations since 1978; and 29-year-old Bridget Noradki, of Mechanicville, a former Developmental Aide for the State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities since 2006.

Fraudulent charges they allegedly racked up on these State issued credit cards included paying their personal rent, paying for their personal gas, buying gift cards, paying off multiple bar tabs, paying for a rental car for their personal use for 2 months which amounted to over $2,000!

If you're not mad enough yet, read the whole story here, and you will be.