Wow- I remember those days.  You try literally EVERYTHING to get your kid to snooze.  In my time we would put him in a pen and read "Goodnite Moon" to him.  That only worked for a short time, like about a week.  Not with THIS kid?  He's got a future on the debate team.  

I invite you now to take a listen to "Cassidy" wjho is doggedly determined not to be "put down". And he really doesn't say ANYTHING, but you can still tell that he'll be a great negotiator.

How I found this? I was looking for trending videos this week and it led me to this site- "Life With Toddlers"  Any parent would get a big time kick out of this. There are 29 different photos of kids going absolutely crazy.  Worth watching.  Brings back the good old days.  Actually, maybe it doesn't come to think of it.  I like him a lot better now at 24.