Have you ever been involved in a conversation about the national debt?  Problems with getting jobs? Do you know deep inside that you have the answers, but frustrated that no one's asked your advice?  Well, here's your chance

The Committee For a Responsible Federal Government want YOU.  They have set up a game that you can play where you make choices on what parts of the budget to cut, what parts to beef up, and other choices to make to get us out from under this mess we continue to be in.

So if you hate Obama, can't stand Romney, and are just fed up with your elected officials and their lack of progress, and think you have better answers, this group actually wants your input and it will SHOW the elected officials where you actually stand.  It could just make a difference, believe it or not.   Maybe this is BETTER than a simple voting booth.  You get to elaborate on how you feel.

Bring the troops home and save us some money?

Tax the rich?

Keep Obamacare?

Rent out the White House for parties to raise cash?

Here's a chance to have your opinions heard in game form.  Check it out!