Tuesday means we survived Monday!  Hey – speaking of Tuesday, have you ever read Tuesday’s With Morrie?  If you haven’t read this book, you should!  You probably don’t have time to read the book right this minute, so here are a few links from around the web that you do have time for:


Yesterday, we talked about the Pope resigning. Probably he has a heavenly pension plan – but TheFw.com has put together a list of 8 things the Pope could do now that he’s retired.   You’ll definitely want to click on this link, because someone has placed the Pope into photographs to make it seem like he’s doing different jobs, including a Walmart Greeter and Celebrity Guest Judge on the X-Factor.


The number of people who are unemployed or underemployed (not making enough money) is still really high.   CNN offers 10 creative ways to earn money – and freelancing – what I do in my real life – tops the list.  Some of the other suggestions include selling photos to stock photo websites so that every time someone uses your photo you make some money; or selling junk you don’t need.


Soon you will be able to Tweet a special message in order to pay for something with American Express.  American Express cardholders first link their card to their Twitter account, and then Tweet using special hashtags that indicate the desire to make a purchase.  You’ll get a confirmation message from Amex and then you just re-tweet the confirmation to complete the purchase – the extra step is designed to prevent accidental purchases.  Once an item is purchased, it is mailed to the cardholder’s address.  Will you use Twitter to make purchases this way?