Albany, Schenectady, Long Island, Virginia - I don't care where.  Looks like you can make a ton of cash according to this guy.  He's making THOUSANDS.

I saw the story at  He's Matt Malone, and he's a self proclaimed pro dumpster diver.  He's a security specialist by day in Texas, but his hobby seems to be trying to make cash out of trash, and he's doing it in a big way.  How?  I guess he goes to malls and looks for places like office supply places.  One time the article states that he found a bunch of discontinued printers still in the original boxes!  Then what does he do, I wonder?  Sell them on Ebay?  Is it his right to do that?  I'm not sure if it's considered trespassing or not, and I certainly don't recommend this, by the way.

According  to him, he swears that if he did this full time he could make $250,000 a year.

I did find a video of some guy trying his hand at it.

Would you do this?  Have you ever looked in someone's trash?  If so, have you ever taken anything?  Would be interested to know!   ($250,000?  REALLY?  Hmmmmmmm)

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