We had a super eventful morning at work!  The 3 of us were stressed out before our morning show even started!  I'm sure you have days like that too!

So, I thought it was super funny when I saw this list on Business Insider and we felt like it was written for us!

It really is from a survey asking all kinds of people in all types of jobs what stresses them out the most... and frankly, the results made us feel slightly better!

Here's your top 5 -

1.  Having to wait for other people to get the info you need to work on something.



2.  Not knowing which tasks should be priorities.



3.  Unrealistic expectations and goals for projects.



4.  Moving deadlines.



5.  Bosses not quite making it clear exactly what they want.

The study also reported that the majority of people go to 6 meetings a week on average.

So, what do you think about this study? Can you relate? Does it make you feel slightly better about your job?