You have probably heard that we are about to have a very warm week here in the Capital Region in fact we may even get as high as 70 degrees. It does indeed seem that spring is here. Another sign that spring is here is the opening of our favorite seasonal ice cream stands in the region.  After reading an article in the Times Union about the ice cream shops opening I asked my Facebook friends and followers which of these great places is the MOST worth a long drive to get to, and the results were pretty clear.

IN 5th place we had a 3 way tie between Dairy Frost in Vail Mills Moxie's Ice Cream in Wynantskill, and Kurver Kreme in Albany.

IN 4th place we have Udderly Delicious in Johnstown.

In 3rd place it was The Ice Cream Man in Greenwhich.

IN Second place, Martha's Dandee Creme in Queensbury. (Though a vote or two for Martha's may have also been for Martha's in Lake George)

I guess you could argue 5th through 2nd place if you so desired the votes were not separated by that much but these choices were the ones that were repeated over and over  by people who said they would be willing to drive a longer distance to and even pass other Ice Cream Stands along the way. You can NOT however argue with the number one choice. They were clearly the biggest vote getters

The Capital Region's number one choice for Ice Cream worth driving to get to is, Snowman Ice Cream in Troy.

Congrats to all, I may have to make it a project to try them all before the season is over!