While I am not one for blowing my own horn, I do think it is important to recognize those who do. In this case it is the readers of "Capital Region Living Magazine" In their latest issue, and online they have announced the winners of their most recent, "Best of" readers poll and it turns out it is us!


This is so cool, so cool that Richie didn't even mind his name misspelled. (I must admit it is usually me that gets an alternative name spelling like , Shawn.) Seriously,  it really means a lot to us that the readers took the time to vote and make us "the best".

I would also like to point out that the "Sean and Richie Show" is really the conglomeration of efforts of a great many people. There is Jeff Levack, BJ Ragone, Steve Caporizzo, Andrea McMaster and other staff that go into making the show happen everyday. So, Richie and I would like to share and "horn blowing" with all of them.

Mostly though I want to take this opportunity to thank YOU, our listeners. You are the most fun, loyal and giving radio listeners I have ever had the privilege to "try" to entertain every day. As long as you keep tuning in, I'll keep getting up at an ungodly hour of the day to spend time with you. Thanks again and God Bless.