As I mentioned  any previous blog, I had the pleasure of providing music and hosting a walk this weekend for ALS in association with St. Peter's Hospital.  At the very end of the event, I met a very inspirational family

The Oliver family holds a unique distinction within ALS community.  It certainly is something they are not happy about.  Not only have 3 members of their family succumbed to this terrible malady, but they also are one of the few cases of FALS in the area.  The "F" stands for familial!

Olivers ALS  3 members shirt

 Do you get the significance of this?  It took a second to sink in with me, but the way I understand it,  there is more of a chance genetically for "Lou Gehrigs" to pass within family members if you have FALS  than the regular garden variety.  It's already happened to them 3 times, and it's possible that it may continue.

Many members of the Oliver "clan" turned out for this event, and I had a chance to snap a photo

photo by Richie Phillips

As I mentioned previously, my father was a victim and seem to be meeting many others who have had friends and family members affected.  In fact, this poster was displayed at the walk showing others  in the area who have succumbed in recent years.

photo by Richie Phillips

It was a well attended event at the Saratoga State Park, and hopefully lots of money was raised.  As you can see, it's still desperately needed until we can find a cure.

photo by Richie Phillips

If you'd like to learn more about the great things that St. Peter's Hospital is doing, you can click here. Let's hope and pray that a cure can be found soon.  Our best wishes extend to the Olivers.