Last week I was so excited that we had a chance to pull off our third "Kindness Project". A young lady named Bailey wrote in and wanted desperately to do something nice for her husband who in her words goes out of his way for everyone and especially her and their 3 young children.

Bailey wrote:

"I am writing to tell you about the amazing Man I was lucky enough to marry. David works two jobs during the week and on the house on the weekends. He finds the energy to watch the kids (ages 3, 2, and 1) all by himself every morning while I work. He even takes the time to teach them guitar in addition to their ABCs. He has not taken a vacation in over a year and I cannot remember the last time he was able to have a night out to enjoy himself (with or without me). He deserves more than I can ever give him."

Andrea McMaster/WGNA

After Bailey had told me that he teaches guitar we had the idea to get him a brand new one! We however took it a bit further than she expected. We got Eric Church to give him a guitar and invited to them both to the show to meet him, where he signed it for them right then and there. We also made sure that they would have a nice night out away from the kids and enjoy dinner at the best restaurant in the Capital Region, Angelo's 677 Prime.

We hope that we gave both Bailey and David a smile or two and can't wait until the next time we can spread a little light with the "Kindness Project".