I have a few stage shots from the Hunter Hayes show at the Times Union Center. I also have exclusive video of the very powerful confetti cannon from about 3 feet away. My eardrums may never be the same.

We now have official "BFF's" of the Sean and Richie Show." Hunter Hayes, his crew, and his management team. Nice doesn't even come close to describing them and how they treated us. Big thank you to all.

You'll love this little video clip of the confetti cannon. They let us stand right next to the stage for the finale with Dan and Shay, The Railers and Hunter all jammin' to "I Want Crazy." And then it GOT crazy!

Here's some other shots from my vantage point.

photo by Richie Phillips


photo by Richie Phillips
photo by Richie PHillips


photo by Richie Phillips

The guy is such an amazing performer.  We wish him all the best…

PS - this isn't our first rodeo with Hunter.  Watch this exclusive video of him helping to create a song with listeners during a visit to our morning show