I have no words right now. I'm fresh out of them. All of them were used on the air with our special guest, country superstar Hunter Hayes.  I had a chance to sing and play a
song that you folks had a part in. This was a star-studded "Write A Song Wednesday." 

So Bethany and Sean came up with a premise: "two people find a $20 bill on the ground," and that became the first line of the song.

Hunter and I then bounced lyrics off of each other (OK, Hunter did most of it, to be honest). We used his own song "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me" for the tune.

Photo by Richie Phillips


It was 1232 on Albany Street

there's a $20 on the ground that's how two guys meet

one guys got a peanut butter sandwich to eat

everybody's got a 20 but me

Accidentally a brick and mascara too

now all the words that we've been given we've gotten thru

now we continue with the rest of this story for you

cuz everybody's got a $20 but me

and I need toooooooo and I finally found one here on the ground

but that guy found it too

So I guess the song goes one more round