Ok.  It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to.  This needs to finally be addressed, and then we can let it go -just like the beach ball!

Like any good controversy, there are two sides to the issue.  I will attempt to be fair and then let you decide (I stole that from Fox News).

One one hand, Miranda, consensus from the fans is you came off a tad rude .  The Facebook comments seem to tell the tale. I guess you really hate beach balls. That's permissible.  We all have our pet peeves.  But if you are performing at an outdoor concert, you have to expect a diferent set of concert etiquette rules than inside an area.   It's going to be more noisy, and people are in "festival" mode outside in the sunshine. If you are expecting everyone's undivided attention, Miranda-it ain't gonna happen.  Beach balls and frisbees are usually standard equipment.

On the other hand, especially you asked in a kinder, gentler way, "Hey folks, I'm about to do a very personal song right now, and I'd love it if you put the ball down for a minute so you can listen to the lyrics", and then people continued to do it, then the audience would be the rude ones.  I think sometimes people have to be asked, that's all.

Miranda Beach Ball

OK, I guess that wasn't a rant at all, was it?  Personally, I don't see a reason to rant over it.  She's a human being.  If it bothers her, it bothers her.  But I will say that, when in doubt, you have to watch it as a performer.  People pick up on it very quickly if they feel you're not "into it" for some reason, and when they're paying for it, they expect a certain level of excitement and attitude.

I know.  I should drop the subject now.  She's still a great performer, and her songs are unmatched.  In fact,  coincidentally I'm going to end this with a song. A parody of her classic hit "The House That Built Me".  (Sorry, Miranda.  It was there.  I just had to go for it!)