Earlier this week we asked you which is the best burger chain in the Capital Region, and today we visited the winner.

First, if I am being completely honest, we really used this as an excuse to get out this week for a great, juicy burger. Actually, I really did not need an excuse, but with so many great burger chains in the area, I thought this would be fun. So instead of just telling you who the winner is, check out the video below from our visit today. The top burger chain in the Capital Region is...

Our winning burger was absolutely delightful. With all the toppings and a huge order of fries, our Friday was complete. We will use any excuse to get out to a burger joint. All the chains who were up for the vote: BurgerFi, Five Guys, Juicy Burger and SmashBurger are great. And now that we have sampled the winner of this poll, we will find an excuse to visit the next burger joint.

Ok, I am in a food coma now and need to find a quiet place at the station to nap. Happy burger eating this weekend!