This article is nothing more than my "two cents" regarding the ACM award show which you can either take, leave or inject your own at the bottom of this article.

All I could think of when watching this show was how great this was for the "country music movement" in America (I made it a movement - sounds bigger).

Some quick facts in defense of this statement:

1. The show was televised from not one, but TWO venues in Las Vegas, which made us look even bigger than we are.

2. It was on CBS again.  When it's on a major network, to me it sends a subliminal message to everyone that country music is very mainstream - it's the new pop format!

3. Not only a great ad for country music in general It was a great advertisement for us as a radio station as well.  It really shows that the people who organize our Countryfest events  (Jake Thomas, Steve Giuittari and others too numerous to mention) have really booked acts with amazingly great timing.

Consider who performed:

Sheryl Crow (and we've got her)

Getty Images

 Hunter Hayes (he'll be here too at Hunter Mountain

                    Joe Diffie (mentioned numerous times by Jason Aldean while he sang        "1994" and will be "Diffieing it" on our stage.

Darius Rucker (he made an appearance at least- he's on the bill)


And then there were our past Countryfest performers:  Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Keith Urban- we've had them all.

If you want info about these two great events coming up, you can check out our Hunter Mountain Festival information and info about Countryfest 2013 as well.

So special thanks to CBS for all the hype.  I think I know now what the CBS stands for ... Country Be Special!