I know what you're saying.  "Must be s a slow news day here in the blogosphere".  But for all of you handy, semi-handy, and/or clumsy homeowners, this is newsworthy.  Yes, it's The Anchor Screw:


When hanging a picture or a curtain, I was accustomed to using the plastic anchor.  But every single time I did, whenever I screwed the screw in, the stupid thing would split, like this and put a big hole in the sheet rock.

Then there's these stupid things.  Metal anchors. Been used for years.  Every time  I bang  this thing into the wall and then put the screw in, no matter how gently I screw it , the anchor  falls right into the wall, leaving a gaping hole in our beloved wall.  A divorce waiting to happen.


It's a screw.  It's an anchor.  You're both right!

It's so much easier to negotiate.  Just one step and you are done.  And the results are fantastic.


Oh--the curtains go on TOP of the window?