I’ll admit that being on the air at WGNA is a pretty cool thing, but there's something else that makes it cool..


What makes it even more rewarding is being to use this cool thing to do stuff that helps people. In this case, being on the air and a part of the WGNA Country Cares For St. Jude Kids Radiothon. I’m almost always overwhelmed when the results of the hour are brought into the studio and I get to see just how much my work paid off. Not with just hitting or exceeding the goal for the number of additional Partners In Hope, but also the amount of money that gets raised in the hour. Now one thing that I need to mention is that it’s not just my work on the air. It’s because of people like you that call into the radiothon and donate.

I had the pleasure of GNA’s Jeff Levack and a young lady named Ella, join me on the air on Thursday. Just before we wrapped up for the day, I told Jeff that I couldn’t believe how drained of energy that I was feeling, and asked him if he felt the same way. He agreed, and we both know that, because of what we were doing, it was a good thing. It’s like something that I’ve heard – "I’m tired, but it’s a good tired".

So let’s do this one more time, today. It’s our last chance to show the kids of St. Jude that country cares for St. Jude kids and that the GNA listeners are the best, and the most giving people, ever. Here’s that phone number to make your donation, and maybe become a Partner In Hope – 1-800-411-9898. You can also give your gift online. Thank you and God bless.