According to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, over 15,000 cars were stolen in New York last year. Is your ride one of the most likely to be stolen?

It is why you lock your car doors. It is why you have an anti-theft system on your ride. It is one of the reasons why you have car insurance. Vehicle theft. It is not quite the problem it used to be in New York (10 years ago over 32,000 vehicles were stolen in NY), but over 15,000 cars stolen last year? That is still a huge number! So which vehicles are most likely to get stolen?

According to, these were the most stolen vehicles in 2015, with make,  model and year:

1. Honda Accord 1997
2. Honda Civic 1998
3. Toyota Camry 2014
4. Nissan Altima 2015
5. Dodge Caravan 2000
6. Ford Econoline E350 2011
7. Nissan Maxima 1998
8. Honda CR-V 1997
9. Toyota Corolla 2010
10. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee 2015

Hopefully, your vehicle is not on the list! If it is, keep it locked and never leave the keys in it! I do think there is some good news we can take away here: half of the vehicles on this list are model year 2000 or older. I think this is a sign anti-theft devices are getting better.

You can see the most stolen vehicles in every state here. 

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