When people are texting, of course they focus on what they’re texting about.

There are laws to not text while they’re driving. As a matter of fact, according to our friends at YNN, this week in the Albany area, it's Operation Hang Up Week. "Drivers busted texting or talking while driving face a $100 fine plus a $60 surcharge, not to mention two points on added to their license." It does make for a very dangerous situation.

But I don’t think some people think about it when they are walking. As you walk through the malls, how many times have you almost run into someone because they were texting, and they didn’t even notice that they did this?

Here’s one time, I almost witnessed it happen in a parking lot, and the “texter” almost got hit by a car, not once, but twice. As the person was backing out of their space, the person texting didn’t see the car. The car stopped and started to pull forward, only to have this idiot change his course and then walk in front of the car, almost getting hit again.

I’m not talking about the old saying about “you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.” I’m talking about how you can get injured because that message was just too important to pay attention to your surroundings. If it’s that important, then find a place to sit down, or just get out of the way and text away. I know that I would feel bad if I hit someone, even if they’re texting. Have you ever almost run into someone while they were texting, either walking or driving?