We've now reached a new level of bizarre online.  It's called "Magic".  Very bizarre, but magical at the same time...  I'm just telling you what I've read here. It seems very simple. All you do is text "magic" to this phone number and "get whatever you want on demand".  (It has to be legal though).

(408) 217-1721

That's what the service is called - Magic. They have examples of what people have asked for on their website.

Want a pizza delivered?  How about flowers for your honey? What's the cheapest or most direct flight to get from point A to B?  Maybe home grocery delivery?  You text them, and they connect to the right people.  They charge you a service fee on top of the cost of the item but they say it isn't too expensive,  Tips are included in their total fee that they quote you.

Looks interesting, but I don't get why you would text THEM to order a pizza!  Why can't you just call yourself or find a place that takes text orders?    I wonder if Shark Tank would think this is a smart business idea?  I can see it for SOME things maybe, but I'm not sure I see how magical this really is. Can you "splain" this to me?


Again, the website is http://getmagicnow.com/.  Make this call at your own risk, by the way.  I'm just the messenger.  We take no responsibility !