So many people love to go to the drive-in on a warm summer night.

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They pack up the car, bring their friends or families and head out to enjoy the movies without leaving their cars. We have had several drive-in movie theaters in the Capital Region, but only a small number are still in business. One of those is the Jericho Drive-in, in Glenmont. That may soon change.

In the story from CBS 6 Albany, movie studios are changing to a digital system to deliver their movies and slowly eliminating the long running 35 millimeter film projection system. The cost for an upgrade to a new system for the Jericho Drive-in is somewhere around $75,000 dollars. Something that the owner can’t afford.

They’ve made some recent upgrades to the business and they’re not sure that they can afford to convert to the digital movie system. They’re hoping for the public’s support and hoping they will donate so they can stay in business.