Softball is like radio for me; A home away from home. Where I feel my most comfortable. I've played since I was 6 years old and even when I took a couple seasons off between college and the start of my career, when I jumped back in it was like riding a bike.

Mitchell Field, Arbor Hill - Marissa, WGNA

Team Mohawk Honda formed one year ago and we've assembled a pretty decent lineup, if you ask me. We all have athletic ability, while we haven't all played baseball or softball in our team careers, we've been on teams before. We've grown to know each others strengths and weaknesses, who can rely on who and that the base hit is more important than trying to knock it out of the park (because we aren't homerun hitters and we understand that.)

Team Mohawk Honda, Marissa WGNA

The season started at the end of April but, we play on Sundays and if you go back and check the weather for the last month or so Sundays haven't been all that kind to us. In fact, it really was just us. Our team was the only team in the league that continued to get rained out based on our schedule and it was really starting to get to us. All we wanted to was get out there and run around and have some fun.

In Team MH Gear, Marissa, WGNA

Yesterday, we finally had that ability while playing a double header. We were all excited, happy, energized even though it was only 10am. We took the field in Arbor Hill and warmed ourselves up for the first game of the season.

I'll admit, while we did win the first game there was some rust that needed to be shook off. But not much. My mentality going in is to have fun. Don't take anything too seriously, until the other team pushes you there. It should be completely lighthearted, it's a beer league, after all. So, get up, go out and do your best and have fun.

Creating the Lineup, Marissa, WGNA

We walked away with 2 wins yesterday for our first two games of the season. A shout out to Lou, who hit a homerun all three times he got up to the plate, Kevin snagging a double play all on his own, amazing pitching by Bill and Pat and amazing hitting overall by the entire team.

I was even proud of myself for hitting a triple in the second game.

Unfortunately, we take another weekend off due to Memorial Day (though I'd play all day, any day.) Next game is June 5th. Can we score another W in the book??? Time will tell, but either way this season is off to a stellar start. Lets go Team Mohawk Honda!

Team Mohawk Honda 2016, Marissa, WGNA