Sam Hunt has become a huge star over the last two years. Before he hit it big, he performed a special acoustic set for 'GNA listeners.

"Leave the Night On," "Take Your Time," and "Break Up In A Small Town" were all part of his performance.

His new song is "Make You Miss Me." Sam Hunt has had a huge string of hits since he burst on the country scene a couple years ago. As most country artists do, when Sam was getting started he went on a radio tour. Artists will visit radio stations and perform to get to know those playing their songs while meeting new fans.

Here is a great Throwback Thursday video of Sam's visit with 'GNA and some listeners back on April 23, 2014:

It's pretty cool that some lucky 'GNA listeners got to see Sam sing those big hits before they were hits.They will get to say they saw him before he was a big star. THIS is why you don't want to miss some of the special, small acoustic shows we do. Our next one is coming up Tuesday, April 13 with Nashville Newcomer Brook Eden, who could be performing for you where you work!

You never know when you'll get to see the next big thing with a special 'GNA performance.