Are you in Harry Potter withdrawal, well then this is for you! I have seen similar parodies like this before, but it was a guy and he was talking about Disney princesses. This girl decided to take four Taylor Swift songs ("Shake it Off," "Welcome to New York," "Bad Blood," and "Blank Space") and write a parody using Harry Potter as a base.

Song lyrics from the YouTube page if you are having trouble following along.

(Hermione - Shake it Off)

on the train I took a seat
I said you're lightning bolt's on ~fleek~
I met you and Weasley
I said I'm Hermione

I'm casting charms at home
you make the spells up as you go
watch me Reparo
Oculus Reparo

(Dumbledore - V.O.)

(The Trio - Welcome to New York)

Welcome to Hogwarts, the hat is singing to ya
Welcome to Hogwarts
Welcome to Hogwarts!

(Hermione - Blank Space)

Nice to meet you
a Slytherin
I can show you my muggle things --

(Draco - speaking)

No one asked you, you filthy little mudblood.

(Hermione - Bad Blood)

Draco had to do this
I was thinking that he could be trusted
Draco bought his way in
And he's whiny, his hair gel's crusted

With Draco, you had to ship me
I saved Buckbeak, Harry you and Weasley
Put me back on my feet
Now I'll study for runes and I'll study herbology

Can't take it back, I blame the Sorting Hat
Q-U-I-D and D-I-T-C-H we were playing that (Ron: EAT SLUGS!)
And Weasley was jinxing me
But his wand was cracked
You're Hermione, your blood's dirty, like Sirius Black
I learned to hate you, it'd be great to seek you, Obliviate you
These parts of a Dark Mark, like phone lines for You-Know-Who
No time to get to know you or any Gryffindor
No I don't like Dumbledore I don't make friends with the other sort

Cause Harry I'm just a mudblood
You-Know-Who's Just got No Love
I'll take my book and my wand
Cause Harry I'm just a mudblood


Now Gringott's got problems
But we've got Neville Longbottom
That's a really big slug
But Harry I'm just a mudblood


(Hermione - Shake it Off)

Snape, Snape, Snape

I was just thinking, I've been feeling down about Death Eaters, and my dirty dirty blood in the wizarding world
When I could have been rapping about wizardry

My best friend fought this evil man
And he's like oh my Godric
We gotta kill the snake
And to the Weasley over there with the hellish red hair
won't you study with us, Harry by the lake, lake, lake

(Hermione - Blank Space)

Harry's snitch
Caught while he flies
Find the locket, and find the ring
Dementor kisses, one must die
Weasley's the king - Rowling is our queen
Find souls, where they split
I'm not that girl, I'm a boss witch
Save the world, the chosen one --

Cause you're young and you are blessed
You'll fly in brooms and cars
Voldemort is deathless
Cause of your lightning scar
Got a long list of Horcruxes
We'll find them like a game
But I'm just a mudblood, Harry
I don't fear his name

(All - Full Mashup)
Welcome to Hogwarts, it's always there for ya
Welcome to Hogwarts

(Cause Harry I'm just a mudblood
I'm still made from pure love
I don't fear his name)

Welcome to Hogwarts
Welcome to Hogwarts