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Taylor Swift & Harry Potter Parody Mashup [VIDEO]
Are you in Harry Potter withdrawal, well then this is for you! I have seen similar parodies like this before, but it was a guy and he was talking about Disney princesses. This girl decided to take four Taylor Swift songs ("Shake it Off," "Welcome to New York," &am…
Check Out Super Hero Soccer [VIDEO]
With so many super hero movies out these days, it was only a matter of time before someone thought of this. Someone got together Superman, Spider-Man, as well as the guys from Star Wars and X-Men to play!
I stumbled on this on Facebook and couldn't stop watching it...
Daniel Radcliffe On Saturday Night Live [VIDEO]
I have been impressed with SNL lately. This week was really good as well. Host Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter pulled out all the stops and was really funny. He did everything from a "Harry Potter" sketch to being Casey Anthony's dog on "Weekend Update"...
Levack’s Comic-Con Recap [AUDIO]
Ok I promise to go back to sports, beer and sandwiches now that Comic-Con 2011 is over. In my defense it is a life essential for me. Comic-Con is usually the first place to get news on all things entertainment and they did not disappoint this year...
Epic Rap Battle Between Gandolf and Dumbledore [VIDEO]
This video is VERY funny but there is a small amount of foul language. Watch at your own risk.
In honor of Comic-Con starting today here is one the most epic rap battles of all time. For those of you that don't know Comic-Con is a huge convention where comics, movies, video games and all things …
Harry Potter Series Becoming E-Books
If you’re a fan of e-books and have yet to get on the Harry Potter bandwagon, well good news!  J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, announced Thursday that her seven novels will be sold for the first time ever on the web, beginning in October.

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