The End Of Candy Hearts?
The makers of candy hearts might be going out of business. This past Valentine's Day may have been the last time you could get those conversation hears for your sweetheart.
Tomb Raider, a Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
With back-to-back crazy movie weekends, we're faced with a familiar character, but a different actress. Will Lara Croft be enough to bring people to the theaters? Jackson has an idea and some other options if that's not your thing.
Guys, Don’t Go To This Extreme Just to Watch Basketball!
I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about sports, let alone college basketball/March Madness but I do think this new trend is a little extreme just to watch a game or two! No one is really doing this, right?
Nash Madness Bracket – Round 1
March Madness is underway and it's been wall to wall basketball for the past few days, but if hoop isn't your thing and country music is, GNA has the kind of madness you may be looking for.  GNA has taken 32 of country music's biggest stars, given them a 'seed', and paired them off in this winner ta…
Kidnapping Scam Has Parents Fearing Their Child Is In Real Danger
Imagine answering a call from an unknown phone number and hearing "Daddy, Daddy....please help me!" Followed by the voice of a man who claims to have kidnapped your child, asking for ransom money and threatening injury if you don't follow suit.  The thought alone is enough to send chills u…
1500 Local Seasonal Jobs Available
If you are looking for a fun, seasonal job, you are in luck. There are over fifteen hundred jobs available in our area. They are looking for workers who like to have fun and are enthusiastic.

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