It’s Not A Scam…Answer Your Phone!
Many Americans could be owed nearly twelve hundred dollars, but because of phone scams, they don't believe it. The only way this company can pay it out is by getting a hold of these people by phone. Here's how you can find out if you are owed this chunk of change.
Albany’s Jesus Mobile Is Turning Heads Upside Down (PIC)
I heard a rumor that Albany had really stepped up it's Jesus Mobile game, but even though I live just a few blocks from where it's normally spotted, I had yet to see it.  Luckily, someone I know spotted it and snapped a few pics for me knowing full well that GNA Nation had to see the …
Kids’ Sports Cost How Much? [Picture]
We are embarking on our son, Ryan, getting involved in sports. As much as we want him to be able to experience all sports, we are realizing that it is very expensive. First up, baseball.
Jacob Monday Gets Honorary Shen Diploma
Jacob Monday can cross yet another thing off his list.  Today, the the amazing 16 year old Shen sophomore received an honorary diploma in a ceremony quickly arranged by classmates, teachers, and school officials.  Monday has decided to forego another round of chemo to spend the rest of his days full…
My GF’s Encounter With Alleged Sex Trafficker Allison Mack
A few years ago, I remember my girlfriend Samantha telling me she had lunch with an actress she met while working at a restaurant in Troy. Who would have ever thought that, three years later, that woman would turn out to be none other than Allison Mack. Mack is the Smallville actress who was charged…
Free Admission to National Parks, Go Locally!
Our weather has been pretty terrible lately but apparently, the next couple of days are gonna be pretty nice. You're gonna want to spend it outside and I have the best idea for you. Plus, it's free!
Former Shen Standout Declares For NBA Draft
Kevin Huerter, former Shen standout and current star player on the Maryland Terrapins has decided to test the waters and see if NBA teams feel he's ready to make the jump.  I love this move for him and and I hope it proves to be the life changing moment he's always dreamed of achievin…
Do Not Eat Romaine Lettuce
There is a massive e-coli outbreak due to tainted romaine lettuce. You are urged to not eat any and to throw it away if you have it in your fridge.

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