How Much Would Famous TV Houses Cost in Real Life? has put together a list of what some fictional TV houses would be worth in REAL life.  They only looked at the houses that were used for the show's EXTERIOR shots, since most of the interiors were shot in studios.
Here are a few highlights:
Howard Stern Gives David Letterman Kiss Goodbye [Watch]
First of all, I didn't realize how tall Howard Stern is!
Howard joined Don Rickles on one of David Letterman's last nights hosting The Late Show on CBS and decided that there was no better way to send him off than a kiss!
Did you know that Letterman has made more than 6,000 hours of late nig…
Hysterical Video From SNL: ‘Hobbit Office’
As someone who loves both "The Office" and "The Hobbit," I think that this video is awesome. While it is not something I ever could have imagined in my own head, I am so happy that someone else did and that "Saturday Night Live" did it so danged …
Oprah’s Favorite Things 2014
I didn't even know she was still doing this!  But I'm excited!  I used to love to watch her show, and especially when she would give away all of her favorite things to her whole audience!  People would faint!  So perfect!
This year's list includes -
"What I …

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