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Fat or Pregnant? [VIDEO]
Every woman is beautiful. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, being a woman or not, so when I saw the idea for this show I was outraged.
50 Thoughts While Watching the BATES MOTEL Season Finale [SPOILERS]
Bates Motel is incredibly captivating. It's also incredibly creepy. Based on the character of Norman Bates from Psycho, it was originally planned a 5 season television adaptation of watching Norman come into his own in his teen years. Last night was the Season 4 finale and it was intense.
Inventor Of Super Glue Dies At 94
A couple of things that I consider some of the greatest, at least the handiest inventions are Bunji Cords, Duct/duck Tape, Velcros and Super Glue.  The inventor of the all mighty adhesive Super Glue has died.