If Your Little Boy is Swimming This Summer You Must Read This
We were over at a friend's house last weekend and all the kids were having a great time in the pool when Turner, my son, had to use the bathroom.  He's 5, so I went with him in case he needed help.  I was terrified by what happened next!
You know the mesh liner that is in almost a…
5 Summer Drinks You Need to Make
Summer weather fun is here and along with that comes backyard bbq's, pool parties and bon fire fun! Why not try some fun new drinks to go along with the amazing time you'll be having with your favorite party people?!
Build A Swimming Pool Out Of Pallets
Summer is officially over, but this week it's going to be REALLY hot and this is something you can build with just a few key pieces. The best part is that you can take it apart and reuse it from year to year and will probably cost you less than a real pool (If you can find the pallets which I f…

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