Surfing In The Buffalo Blizzard? Yup, That Happened! [VIDEO]
I moved to Albany just over a month ago from Buffalo and my phone has been blowing up for the last 24 hours with people asking me if I'm glad I'm not in Buffalo right now. Yes, I'm glad I'm not there dealing with all the snowpocalypse mess that has hammered the southern part of B…
Winter Storm Nika Arrives
Another winter storm is ready to pound the Albany-Saratoga area. After a few days of dumping inches of snow in the Western and Central states Winter Storm Maximus hands the baton to Winter Storm Nika.
‘First Flakes’ Winner Picks Up Snowblower
Clifton Park's James Berg picked up his brand new snowblower, a prize he won during WGNA 107.7's "First Flakes" contest, just in time for the first major storm of 2014!
James guessed we'd get six inches of snow outside the studio at 11:29 p...

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