Amazing Apple Commercial – Happy Holidays 2013
You know by now that I love a great ad!  Here's one from Apple, know throughout history for having dynamic advertisements.
Everyone knows a teenager, or young adult who is always on her, or his, phone!  So, everyone can relate to this Christmas ad-
The Scariest Tire Commercial You’ve Ever Seen [Watch]
I hate driving in the winter, and I know I need new tires, so when I saw this tire commercial going viral I had to watch it - there is snow, and it's dark, and you can only imagine what happens next...
It's so scary I flinched, and it already has more than 3 million views...
Albany Area Snow Emergency List
Some people are calling it Nemo but most people are calling it a blizzard, which is what it is. Many cities in the Albany area have snow emergency policies for snow removal, so check our list to make sure you don't get towed or violate the emergency order!
Albany School Closings and Weather Information
Have you heard we're getting a storm? We haven't had much winter in the past two years so any storm delivering any amount of snowfall gets people all excited. We're expecting a pretty big storm though and many schools decided to close ahead of the storm. Our list of closings is contin…

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