Loser Hurricane Looters Shamed On Twitter (PICS AND VIDEO)
Looters are the some of the lowest of the low; preying on their vicitms during a time of crisis.  When I saw videos of people looting during Hurricane Irma, it made my blood boil.  When many were arrested, and then put on full blast by the Ft. Lauderdale police, I couldn't have been h…
Reebok to Pay for Misleading Toning Sneakers
It is ironic -- I could have told you those toning sneakers were a gimmick, but apparently it takes a lawsuit and the Federal Trade Commission for people to believe that simply wearing sneakers will tone you legs and gluteals without having to workout necessarily.  Hello!?
Even If Shape Ups Work, They Aren’t Shaping Fashion
Have you seen those sneakers on television or in an advertisement that claim to help tone your legs and glutes?  Supposedly, they have some special design in the sole/heel so when you walk in them, they make you use certain muscles without making you feel like it's a wo…