School Closings and Delays
Is this the first day of winter or is this nearly the middle of February?  Hard to tell! But one this is for sure, busses are gonna have a hard time getting around!
Click here to see a complete list of School Closings and Delays!
News 10 ABC's Steve Caporizzo's forecast is -
School Bus Crashes Into Lake, 27 Children On Board
This is a horrifying scene for any parent.  A full school bus crashed into a Tampa Bay area lake.  Luckily all 27 children on board, and the bus driver made it out safely.
An investigation is underway right now, but currently, no one knows how this accident happened...
25 Best Elementary Schools in New York strikes again. Recently I blogged about a list of New York towns that were great to raise your family in, and the Capital Region didn't fair as well as I would have expected. We all know there are some wonderful communities around here to raise your kids...

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