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Snow Plows, Where Are You?
Where the hell are the plows today? I'm so mad I could spit nails. If I could spit salt and sand I would have at least put some on the roads unlike the non-existent plow drivers today.
Snowstorm Details–Round One Over
It has been sheer hell on the roads due to this massive storm affecting 31 states. We picked up about 8 inches today and another foot is expected tomorrow. Here's the full audio forecast for you to listen to from WGNA chief meteorologist Steve Capporizzo from WTEN Channel 10...
A Bad Mix Of Weather For The Ride Home
Where were the damn snow plows today? I drove 56 miles in morning traffic on the Northway and did not see a single one on the road, north or south bound. Our tax dollars may be hard at work , in Yonkers!  Now that I've vented here's WGNA Chief meteorologist Steve Caporrizzo from …