Where the hell are the plows today? I'm so mad I could spit nails. If I could spit salt and sand I would have at least put some on the roads unlike the non-existent plow drivers today.

I stopped in at Cumberland Farms on High Bridge Road in Schenectady for gas and smokes at noon and the roads still were not plowed.

The ladies working in the store said, "Where the hell are the plows? There's a foot of snow on the road and people can't go in this stuff."

A partron at the store said, "There's no school today." What, that's the reason there were no plows today? That's the lamest excuse I have ever heard.

We have to drive to work to pay taxes so the snowplow guy, the school bus driver and every freaking person working at the school can keep their jobs. Plow the road, for me please.  More importantly, plow the roads so I can get to work, and allow you to keep working as well.

If I drive home tonight and these damn roads aren't plowed properly by this evening, I'm going to pull a "Wisconsin" on these people.

What's the number for the governor out there?