Should We Ban Plastic Shopping Bags? [RESULTS]
I posed the question yesterday - should we ban plastic shopping bags?
I've seen articles popping up everywhere about it and in Central New York, they'll be the first in the state to put this law to the test. But, how will it change the shopping experience? Is it truly necessary?
The 50 States Judged By Their Beauty – Where Did New York Fall?
You hear it said a lot, "don't judge a book by its cover."
Or in some cases, you'll hear people talking about Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole being too judgmental on ones appearance.
So what are we doing now? Judging our states off beauty alone. Let…
Where Is The Best Apple Picking in the Capital Region? [RESULTS]
I’ve lived in the Capital Region almost my entire life and when the fall season gets into swing one of my favorite things to do is go apple picking!  Truth of the matter is, our beautiful area of Upstate, New York includes so many amazing orchards to choose from. So who has…