How Many People are in the Mile High Club?
Not sure yet if I think this poll is accurate, or not!  A new survey asked people if they have done it on an air plane, and here's what they found out -
1.  9% of people have joined the mile-high club.
2.  11% have WITNESSED other people joining...
Flight Attendant Gets Funky [Watch]
Why am I always on flights with boring flight attendants?  I always have my phone ready when I get on the plane!  Ready and willing to help the next mile-high sensation make it viral.  But, alas, my in flight servers just mumble through the warnings and instructions...
The Door Flew Off of Bono’s Plane in Mid-Air
I mean, it does kinda seem like the wheels might be falling off of his career, but, we never thought the door of his plane would fly off, too!
The rear door on Bono's private jet fell off Wednesday as the singer and four friends were headed from Dublin to Berlin, Germany...