Not sure yet if I think this poll is accurate, or not!  A new survey asked people if they have done it on an air plane, and here's what they found out -

1.  9% of people have joined the mile-high club.

2.  11% have WITNESSED other people joining.

3.  Almost half of the people who've had sex on a plane say they didn't get caught . . . 29% weren't sure if someone saw them . . . and 23% got busted by another passenger or a flight attendant.

4.  And the most common place people do it is . . . the bathroom, of course.

See what I mean?  Kinda far fetched, right?

Speaking of crazy stuff, have you seen the Instagram account Passenger Shaming?  It's hysterical and scary!  People on planes do a lot of crazy things!

Like this -


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