Oreo Sweepstakes: Win A Jeep
As if we need another reason to pick up Oreos. They have given us so many new flavors and the new Most Stuf which I love. Now you have a chance to win a Jeep and other cool stuff.
Junk Food Update: Are You Into These 5 New Treats?
I gave Sean this junk food run down this morning and he only voted "Yea" to one of these new tasty treats that are coming to a store or restaurant near you this summer.  How many of them sound good to you?
1. SPAGHETTI PIE - Olive Garden  It looks like a big slice of chees…
What Do You Think About The New Oreo Cookies? [POLL]
There is a new flavor on the way from Oreo, "Red Velvet!" The red velvet Oreos will debut on February 2nd and will only be available for a limited time.  The normal black cookies will be dyed red and the creme in the middle will have a "cream cheese" flavor..…