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Update on the ‘Suspicious Package’ Found at North Colonie School
This afternoon Colonie Police have provided an update on their investigation of a suspicious package found at Shaker High School Monday.
Here's what the press release says -
The Colonie Police Department has identified and interviewed the subject who left the package at the main entrance of …
North Colonie Schools Delayed Over Suspicious Package
According to the North Colonie Schools Facebook page -
All North Colonie schools are running on a two-hour delay, due to a suspicious package found in front of Shaker High School. This two-hour delay applies to all schools, including elementary, private and parochial schools...
Christmas Parody From Boght Hills School
I probably sound like a broken record (or CD), but once again, the satisfaction that comes from visiting an elementary school in the Capital Region can't actually be explained in a blog or on the air for that matter.  It's one of those "you had to be there" moments.