How Much Do You Pay Your Babysitter?
Jenn and I don't have a wide array of babysitters for Ryan. It is really hard to find a good, reliable one. Recently we paid a premium because we were stuck. We paid $18 an hour. But after reading this survey, I realize that babysitters are making some serious bank.
Easter Eggs Filled With Cash
When I was little and we did the Easter egg hunt, there was only one thing in those plastic eggs; candy. I was surprised when we went to Jenn's Mom's in Buffalo over the weekend, that many of the eggs had these in them.
Is Your Money Fake
More fake money is being circulated throughout the area. Yes, it'd be pretty cool to have some of the money used in movies shot locally like "Place Beyond the Pines" or "Daddy's Home 2" unless of course, you go to spend it.
The Top 5 Richest Zip Codes in the 518
Do you ever think about how much money is flying around the Capital Region?  Well, you know it's out there, but where is it hiding?
A report by Esri and The Albany Business Review used indicators of affluence such as household income and average net worth, as well as material possessions and home val…

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