miami heat

Spurs Win!
I hope I see that headline all over America tomorrow. A lot of people will be watching tonight on ABC, Channel 10 locally.
Amare Stoudemire Makes A Stupid Mistake
As a New York fan I have seen my share of stupid moves. I remember Kevin Brown and A.J. Burnett throwing temper tantrums and hitting things. Which of course left them injured and the Yankees without high profile pitchers they paid tons of money to. So I guess it shouldn't shock me that a member of o…
Dallas Mavericks Win NBA title, Or Did They?
If you are a sports fan, you watched Dirk Nowitski and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks take Lebron James and the Miami Heat  to school last night to win the Franchise's first NBA title. I saw it with my own eyes, Owner Mark Cuban holding the trophy on Sportscenter. But if you were to…