You can't make this stuff up.  This was a story in the Miami Herald that actually started back in 2008.  Check this out!  This is amazing!!

A gentleman by the last name of Valladares, sporting a Miami Heat hat, walked into a Florida Bank of America in July 2008 to cash a check for $100.  The teller thought he was someone else that everyone was on the lookout for -mostly because the other guy also was sporting a Miami Heat cap.  Ironically, the "Miami Heat" arrested the guy, who was "handcuffed by police and kicked in the head", reports the Miami Herald.

Well, that was pretty painful to go through.  He has suffered from blurred vision, migraine headaches and other problems, but the reward for this mistaken identity was 3 million dollars

What do you think?  Do you think he should have gotten that much?  More? Less?   Just wondering.  You can lave your comments below!