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My Favorite Oscar Moment [Watch]
No, it wasn't Neil Patrick Harris's opening number or lame jokes, it wasn't one of the heartfelt speeches or even a candid funny moment.  My favorite moment from the 87th Annual Academy Awards was indeed Lady Gaga's ode to The Sound of Music...
Lady Gaga Gets A Concussion In New Zealand [VIDEO]
I know, I know - she isn't a country artist, but I thought I'd pass the word that Lady Gaga got a concussion.  I know many of you think that this must have happened to her many times to dress like she does, but this is serious. Video clip to follow
Dolly Parton Shows Sisterly Support for Lady Gaga
With more than 40 albums, 20 number one singles, and the title ‘The Queen of Country’ to her name, Dolly Parton has certainly earned the right to share her thoughts on whatever topic she chooses — and when a British reporter asked her recently to weigh in on Lady Gaga, he could have been looking for…
Lady Gaga And Other Surprises In Country Music
When Lady Gaga released her 'Country Road' version of 'Born This Way,' many people were shocked that such a genre bending event could happen.  However, through the years there have been several artists, from all walks of life, attempt to to show us their country side.  …

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